Pueblo Grande:  A large Hohokam Village located along the Salt River in Phoenix Arizona.

Pueblo Grande was a major Hohokam town, located along the Salt River in the present day of Phoenix.  The town originally covered an area nearly 1.5 km (one mile) in diameter at the height of its occupation.

Pueblo Grande began its growth sometime around 500 A.D. during the middle what archeologists refer to as the Colonial Period.  Around 1000 A.D. (Hohokam Sedentary Period) the ball court was constructed.  For two hundred years the ball court was one of the major focal points of the town.  Around 1200 A.D. (beginning of the Classic Period), the ball court fell into disuse, and the platform mound was the center of the town's activity.

Nearby, there was a Great House, build around 1300 A.D.  It was similar in form to the Great House now preserved at nearby Casa Grande.  This Great House was destroyed by urban development in the late 19th and early 20th century.

After a long period of population decline, the town of Pueblo Grande was completely abandoned around 1450 A.D.

Source:  "Desert Famers at the River's Edge" by John P. Andrews and Todd W. Bostwick, 2000)