Welcome to my website.  Archeology and History have always been passions of mine.  Before entering a long and satisfying career in the Information Technology field, I was an archeologist working in the Midwest United States.  Photography has also been a large part of my life.  Many of the first photographs I took were made in High School while on the first of many adventures in archeological pursuits.  As a college student I learned the skills of working in black and white photography in the wet dark room.  You will see that my love for black and white imagery still persists today in my digital work.

In the galleries and blog presented here, i will present images of archeological sites and the students and scholars working on them as seen through my eyes.  Much of the archeological imagery is focused on the midwest and southwestern regions of the United States.  

I hope you enjoy the images presented here as much as I have enjoyed visiting and researching these regions, the researchers working in them, and coming to understand just a small part of a very interesting and diverse past.

To contact me about my photography or inquire about licensing or acquiring copies of any prints please contact me via email at daniel.seurer@me.com or call me at 608.695.0269.