Learning Platinum/Palladium Printing

I am continuing my journey in alternative printing processes. Recently I have done a lot of printing of cyanotype and Van Dyke brown processes. My learning path to a new technique, platinum/palladium printing, has begun in earnest.

My experience with cyantypes and Van Dyke Brown printing has definitely eased the way to Platinum prints. If nothing else, it has made the learning curve less expensive, as the number of costly mistakes in coating papers, making the digital negatives, and figuring out correct exposures has been greatly reduced.

I am also learning about what subject matter and techniques make a good platinum print. There will be a lot of trial and error to be sure. But then, that is learning something new is more than half the fun.

Here is one of my first successful Platinum prints, of my favorite muse, the archeological site of Aztalan. The shot was taken on a wonderful foggy fall morning with only the tops of the stockade line visible above the fog.