Ceremonial Pole Mounds Aztalan, Wisconsin

Looking over the core of the enclosed area of the site of Aztalan are a series of large conical mounds.  Before modern plowing, and the emergence of the village of Aztalan, these mound once lined the ridge top to the south and north.  The ten remaining mounds are all that survive from the 70 or so mounds in this area. 

These mounds are often referred to as the "Ceremonial Post Mounds".  With the exception of the Princess Mound, none of these mounds appear to have been used as graves.  Instead, in each mound were found the remains of large posts from ceremonial poles that once extended far above the top of the mound. 


Signal Hill is a large topographic feature immediately to the west of Aztalan.  The Ceremonial Mounds are clearly visible from the top of Signal Hill, but much of the enclosed village along the river bank is not.  Only the area near the mortuary mound in the northwest part of Aztalan is visible from Signal Hill.

A conical mound estimated at one time to be 30 feet in diameter and up to 5 feet in height was located on the top of the hill.  Today, nothing is left of this mound.

Signal Hill is not part of Aztalan State Park, and the land is actively farmed today.  Permission must be obtained from the landowner to walk to the top of Signal Hill.