Heirs to a Most Glorious Heritage

Our nation’s natural environment and cultural heritage sites are under attack to a degree not seen in decades. Executive orders are dramatically shrinking protected lands throughout the United States, opening them up to resource extraction that will irrevocably mar the landscape, and destroy culturally sensitive sites.


We only need to look at what is happening around Theodore Roosevelt National Park in western North Dakota as an example. Oil and gas drilling facilities line the boundary of the park, and many of these facilities are clearly visible from what were once unspoiled vistas. Future developments in the area threaten to destroy this view shed even further.


It is sadly ironic that this development is occurring around a park whose name sake is a president who was a staunch proponent of our National Parks and wilderness areas. President Theodore Roosvelt’s quotes acompanying these photographs, many over a century old, outline why these resources needed protection then, and for the fight to protect them to continue today. Many of these quotes come as a result of his ranching days within the boundaries of the park from the late 19th century.

View/download a pdf of my photographs taken at Theodore Roosevelt National Monument

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