Chacoan Landscapes

Over the past decade or so I have had the opportunity to photograph Chacoan sites from Chaco Canyon itself to the many outliers in New Mexico and Colorado. Basically I have visited nearly every legally accessible location in Chaco Canyon, including some outliers, now off limits, that were open years ago (most notably the Kin Bineola and Kin Ya Ya outliers).

These sites and their surrounding landscapes are under serious threat today from a variety of drilling and mining operations on BLM land surrounding Chaco.  I applaud those who are involved in working to protect the region from development efforts that will destroy these pristine views, and threaten, through fracking activities, the integrity of the Great Houses themselves.  

I wish to have my voice join those who are raising awareness to protect the Chacoan sites and landscape.  My voice will be my photography.

Therefore, I am starting a series of facebook posts the will focus on these landscapes.  The images will not focus on the Great Houses themselves, but their place in the greater landscape.  Postings will occur on a weekly basis, and continue for the next several months.  

An on-line gallery of these images will be available from my website as well.

In addition, I will freely grant the rights to use these images in any way that will further the cause for protecting Chaco Canyon.  All I ask is that you contact me and let me know that you are planning on using any images and how they will be used.  Plus, I would ask that you provide proper attribution for the images.

This project follows on the heals of a similar project I have been engaged in over the past six months on the Effigy Mounds of the upper Midwest.  Like the Chaco area, there have been many attempts to weaken existing laws and permit activities that would have destroyed these sacred sites.  But through the combined efforts of the HoChunk and other Native American tribes, the efforts of the Wisconsin Effigy Mound Initiative lead by Kurt Sampson, and thousands of concerned citizens, many of the mounds facing imminent destruction have been saved.  I wish for the same outcome for protecting the Chacoan landscapes.

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