Equinox at Aztalan

It is hard to believe that after such a miserably cold and snowy winter here in Wisconsin that spring is going to be around the corner.  It does not feel like it right now, since it is only 15 degrees outside, but maybe sometime soon it will warm up.

I always try to watch the sunrise at the spring and fall equinox at Aztalan.  Hopefully this year I will again enjoy it and capture the scene with may camera.  It is a beautiful scene to stand on top of the southwest mound, and watch the sunrise over the gravel knoll and the Crawfish River.

The equinox last fall was interesting.  The fog gave it a very surreal feel, with the fog moving back and forth across the scene.  I wish the fog had not thickened to the point of obscuring the gravel knoll, but do the best with what has been given to you.

">Click here to see the Fall 2013 Equinox sunrise at Aztalan