In Their Own Words: Archeologists Tell Their Story about Excavations at Aztalan

In 2013, students and professors from several Midwestern Universities (Michigan State, Northern Iowa University, and University of Wisconsin Madison) conducted two archeology field schools at the site of Aztalan, in south-central Wisconsin.

I had the pleasure of meeting many new budding archeologists, and renewing acquaintences with students and professors that I have known for some time.  I am especially grateful to Dr. Lynne Goldstein of Michigan State University and Dr. John Richards of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for providing me full access to photograph the excavations and excavators.

One of the results of my photography, is the creation of a series of multi-media presentations titled "In Their Own Words: Aztalan Archeologists Tell Their Story".  Combining still photos, video clips, and audio, each short vignette allows the archeologists and students to express their thoughts, expectations, and discussions of the findings from excavations at Aztalan.

The first in this series highlights UW-Milwaukee field school student Kristina Dineen-Grube.

I hope you enjoy the first in this series, and with future posts.


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