A new henge discovered near Lake Mills Wisconsin

England may have its famous Stonehenge, and the ancient site of Cahokia may have its own Woodhenge(s), but a newly discovered henge on the icy plains of Rock Lake, near the archeological site of Aztalan was certainly unexpected.

On the eastern shore of Rock Lake, a mysterious feature, referred to as Ice Henge was recently discovered.  Researchers readily noted the similarity of Ice Henge with the more famous Stonehenge site.  Archeo-astronomers are researching the possibility of astronomical alignments with solstice and equinox events.  Says one researcher  "The placement of the pine trees on the outer ring of Ice Henge is more than coincidence.  We think these mark the Winter and Summer Solstice sunrises.  We just hope that the long winter remains a bit longer so we can actually observe the sunrise/sunset here at Ice Henge."  Another scientist observing Ice Henge believes some of the ice columns point to the nearby archeological site of Aztalan.

It is unclear at this time if this Ice Henge is related to the mysterious underwater pyramids in Rock Lake.