Wupatki, Bad Weather Conditions for Photo's turns out no so bad

Earlier in December of 2012 I had the opportunity to visit the Flagstaff Arizona area and had a single day to do some photography.  Continuing my work of photographing archeological sites, I made my plans to shoot the ruins at Wupatki National Monument about an hours drive away.

When I woke up early in the morning, the weather conditions were horrendous.  Lots of snow had fallen in Flagstaff, and road conditions were poor.  I knew that Wupatki was at a slightly lower elevation, and there was a chance there was little or no snow there.  So I  packed the camera gear, warm clothes and headed out.

On the way I was slowed by snowy roads and a multi-car slide off that closed the highway for a while.  But at last I made it to Wupatki.  As expected, there was no snow, but it was raining steadily.  Not the best weather I thought for photography.  But I was here, and decided to make the best of it.  I am glad I did.

Normally I shoot my pictures with the idea of creating black and white images.  In reviewing some of my initial shots, the lighting conditions were not producing the results I was hoping for.   However, the wet conditions were producing some very interesting, saturated colors on the rocks, vegetation, and sandstone masonry of the ruins. The overcast conditions hid some of the surrounding volcanic landscapes, but it allowed me to focus more on the ruins.  It made for some interesting shots, and not the typical dry weather landscapes that one typically sees of southwestern sites.

So, back in the warmth of the digital dark room I created the photographs that I posted to my southwestern gallery.  I look forward to going back to Wupatki under better weather conditions, but at least I was able to make some decent shots.  Plus I learned not to be afraid on photographing when weather conditions are less than optimal.

Wupatki National Monument, Arizona

Wupatki National Monument, Arizona