A Beautiful Sunrise After (another) Rainy Night

Much to the dismay and discomfort of the MSU Field School directors and students, the past couple weeks has seen a barrage of heavy rains and severe storms.  These same weather patterns, though, make for dramatic sunrises and sunsets.  On Sunday morning,  the sky conditions were right for attempting a time-lapse shot of Aztalan.  I set up shop on the southwest platform mound, looking east to the gravel knoll where the main MSU excavations are taking place.  The camera was set up for shots at 5 second intervals.  Once set up and underway, I enjoyed experiencing yet another dawn unfolding across the Crawfish River valley.

  Also, since this shot was taken only two days after the summer solstice, these time lapse shows pretty well where the sunrises at this time of the year.

Unfortunately, the clouds began to thicken shortly after the sunrise, so I was not able to get as lengthy a time lapse as I had hoped.  The result is in the following video.